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Take A Pause

A focussed 121 half day spent with you to understand where you are with your career/job and identify an action plan to galvanize action, so that you feel more positive, especially during periods of uncertainty about the future.

Job Search Destressor

A comprehensive job search programme aimed at getting you in the starting blocks, to get the job you want.

The Dogs Do Dahs!

This is a bespoke career management programme based on your personal objectives.

What clients say about what I deliver

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Project Manager

Project Manager

‘It was a pleasure to work with Belinda, her advice and practical exercises have helped immensely not only in securing a new position but in rebuilding my confidence. I now feel comfortable talking about myself and my achievements and feel strong enough to tackle the challenges my new role will bring. I couldn’t have done it without her.’

Head of Compliance

Head of Compliance

I am extremely grateful to you for the support and advice you provided to me and particularly for rebuilding my confidence after redundancy. I hope I can be a good case study for you to demonstrate how someone can step into a private sector role after 25 years in local government, given the opportunity and confidence. Reflecting back on events 12 months or so ago I would not have believed I would be where I am now



“This short session has shown me that my life doesn’t have to be the chaos it is, and the speed that it is”!


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