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I ran a decision making and problem solving course in London yesterday, and yet when the 07.20 GNER failed to arrive I found it hard to make the decision as to whether to dash over the bridge and get the WAGN 07.26. I met someone I knew on the platform and took their advice as to what to do!

We all have to make decisions – some of them easy, some of them complex. I’ve been asked for more information about My Language of Colour service so that someone can make a decision as to whether its for them, as Lloyd said blogging is a great way to answer questions that pop up all the time and in the spirit of embracing the blog here is the answer I would have provided to her via email:-

We review your personal colour palette using the tonal method of colour analysis. This means reviewing hair, eye and skin tones and then draping you with many different colours to identify which ones are your best ones. People often think that they can’t wear a specific colour, that is not the case, I will coach you to understand which tone of colour to look out for, so for example is a bright shocking pink best for you, or a soft dusky rose pink. We will also look at different make up colours and jewellery. You will have a swatch of your personal colours as an aide memoir. The whole process will take about an hour and a half. A lot of friends often come together and this can be great fun.

Once you understand which tones of colour are best for you shopping becomes a doddle, you will find you have lots of colours in your wardrobe that blend and match together. Your natural colouring will shine through and you will look and feel better.

This is what people have said who have attended the language of colour – “I’ve been stopped by 3 people today who have all told me how well I look”, “Wow, I didn’t really appreciate what a difference it would make to how I feel”. “Thanks Belinda, had a lovely time really enjoyed myself”.

I’m also running a series of workshops in September for a corporate customer entitled The Language of Colour, its a great team build activity.

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