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Although its a bit cooler now, the early part of the week was still roasting hot. I was in London and it was lovely to see everyone laying out on the grass in Russell Square Gardens, even the dogs were sun bathing.

Its been so hot this summer that the TUC has called on employers to relax dress codes to help staff to deal with the heat, and apparently the Federation of Small Businesses has done the same.

The TUC goes even further by saying that employers who implement a relaxed dress code will get more out of their staff.

I was fascinated to read last week in the Times about a recent survey of 562 companies by Peninsula, the employment law, health and safety consultant, suggesting that abandoning traditional dress increased productivity in four out of five cases. The article went on to further say that dress down days are so successful that 73% of businesses have adopted the practice – amazing!

What the people laying on the grass in Russell Square gardens were wearing was even more amazing – I wouldn’t have called it traditional nor would I have described it as relaxed. The words I would have used were “don’t go there”! The translation of that is – flesh, lots of underwear on show, strappy tops etc.

So how can you look cool yet casual in business this summer?

My top tips are –

Make sure you look appropriate for the business you are in.

Start reading labels (not whether something is designer) but what the fabric is made of, the more natural the fabric the more it will keep you cool.

Wear short sleeved tops under suits.

Go for lighter colours.

Ensure your shoes co-ordinate with your outfit and you are not wearing winter shoes with a summer outfit, (if your feet are hot, you’ll feel hot all over)

And if all else fails – make sure you have a spare deodorant handy!

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