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It’s sad I know, but I have got myself hooked on the Chris Evans show on Radio 2 – if you haven’t listened its fab, and then this week I have discovered his blog – again very good. Check out for full details.

Yet when I think back I was never really a big fan of his in the old days when he was on TV, in fact the programme used to really annoy me as I recall. So what’s changed to have swapped me around?

I’m also hooked on all the cookery programmes on Sky, I happened to see a very old Delia Smith one the other day – it just looked so old and dated when you compare it with some of the really whacky food people around today. My absolute fave is Jamie – so inspiring, so passionate.

A lady I’ve been working with this week on her career transition said her friend had given her this advice – to do what she is passionate about and not consider anything else. Pretty good advice I’d say.

Maybe the reason I like both Chris and Jamie is they both have passion? There is a whole theory that says our passions in life are formed at a very young age – about 8 or 9, and the reason for this age is that we have some independence from our parents but haven’t hit the scarey years of adolescence yet.

So to discover your passion – what were you doing at about that age?

I know from reading Jamies books he was already cooking in his parents pub in Essex, not sure about Chris need to do some research on that one.

For me, I was constantly moving furniture around in my bedroom to create a different look, writing short stories and driving my mother insane with the amount of mess I left in the kitchen after trying out the Blue Peter recipe of the week.

Do I still love moving furniture around? – you bet (I’m a very frustrated interior designer and keep all the housey magazines in business with the amount I purchase and drool over), am I still writing? – yes, and where is my favourite place – the kitchen!

In fact a friend invited us over for dinner not so long ago, not because she wanted company, but because she didn’t have a huge amount of stuff in the fridge and couldn’t be bothered to go shopping, she knew that if I turned up I would cook and be able to in her words “make something out of nothing that will be lovely”. And I did, however, the kitchen looked pretty chaotic when I had finished!

Oh well, maybe things haven’t changed that much at all.

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