Last Week & The Weekend

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A busy week last week. The highlight of which, was the fact that we eventually undertook the first Mentor Training Programme for the Peterborough branch of Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development.

A BIG THANK YOU to Joss Anderson who did a fantastic job of facilitating us all and managing to keep us focussed.  Everyone gave really positive feedback.

The plan this afternoon is for me to complete the administration of the programme so all mentors and mentees can get cracking with their first meetings.

We all had a lovely weekend of sun, sea, sand but not sangria, just a dead seagull, that one labrador managed to sniff out on Brancaster beach.

We had a lovely picnic here, and then managed a little shop followed by a quick half a pint sat outside in the sunshine here before heading home.

PS if you are wondering why it is so cold today, it is my fault, I mentioned to several people last week that winter had passed and spring was here.

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