How To Answer Tricky Interview Questions

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You may think all interview questions are tricky and I guess you might have a point.

The more preparation you can do in advance of the interview the better, however, sometimes you will just get a call from a recruiter in an agency and have to answer some quick questions over the phone.

A top tip to help you in this situation is to collate together all of the job adverts that you have applied for, there should be some key themes appear – are they looking for someone who can generate x amount of revenue or are they looking for a team player, someone who can make a difference or even a person who can hit the ground running?

Using the key themes that you identify think back over your career and reflect on when you have done these things.  What examples can you come up with to help you demonstrate that you can do what they are looking for.  These don’t need to be current and might be a while ago.  Taking some time out to prepare in this way means you will be better prepared, sound and also feel more confident.

For more tips on how to answer tricky interview questions and how to win at an assessment centre why not come along here next week.  I will be speaking on Tuesday on these topics.

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