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I am a coach, trainer and consultant specialising in career management and personal branding since 2001.  I love the rich diversity of people I meet, either working with me privately on my open programmes or as part of a talent management/learning & development programme run by the company they work for.

My discovering over this time is that consistently I find that a lot of us are blissful unaware of our real talents, skills and abilities, often thinking “everyone can do that”.  When the truth is that the reverse is true.  The means we don’t fully appreciate hwo we really are and this in turn means that we are unable or unwilling to promote ourselves by being ourselves.  So instead of shining our light of talents brightly out into the world we have a tendency to want to hide them away, and keep them quiet.

Working with me is fun as I love what I do. I strive to build a trustful relationship with you, giving you my independent, objective contribution to help you in whatever direction you want to go.

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