What The Heck Is This Mindfulness Stuff?

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mindfulnessThat word…Mindfulness seems to be everywhere…on people’s tongues, in social media, in the newspapers, on the news…and yet what it actually means doesn’t seem to be that clear and the definition definitely isn’t consistent.

Wikipedia, The Oxford English Dictionary and Mindfulness experts all seem to have a different spin and definition. So suffice to say its complex, or means different things to different people.

My personal definition is this:-

“A pragmatic way of training your mind, which results in stress reduction, and mental resilience to face the realities of day to day life. By practicing Mindfulness you will unclutter and freshen the mind to gain focus and clarity, this results in improved relationships with yourself and others”.

I stumbled across Mindfulness just after my father died unexpectedly in 2010, I was flicking through a magazine and read an article about how mindfulness had helped different people deal with change, stress and depression in their lives.

I was intrigued and promptly went to my computer and Googled. Since 2010 my road in life has had a series of deep painful pot holes appear very unexpectedly, stuff has happened that I would never have imagined would or could happen to me. The pot holes have meant that I have had to be more resilient than I thought I could be, and practically make changes that I didn’t choose. Mindfulness has helped me and supported me through this time and given me a framework of stability as the winds of change have blown hard and strong.

This year will see me, (fingers firmly crossed) qualify as a Mindfulness Teacher.

If you are interested in learning more about Mindfulness and experiencing Mindfulness for yourself as an individual or possibly for your business or organisation then please get in touch with me. I am currently running hour long introduction to mindfulness workshops, the workshops are offered free of charge, or you may wish to make a nominal donation to the Multiple Sclerosis Charity which I support.

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