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trainI travelled from Peterborough to Cambridge by train yesterday, the last time I did this journey was 2 calendar months ago.

What I noticed on that first trip as I gazed out of the train window was the vast floods, masses of swans congregating in a field, a deck made out of palettes attached to a house, and the grey envelope of sky surrounding Ely cathedral.

Yesterday I noticed the vast differences…how the fields had returned, how the shades of brown and depths of colour altered as the sun had dried the soil, the green blanket of crop growing, the short sleeves of the dog walkers and the blue azure of the sky showed up a white flag pole on the cathedral.

What wasn’t different was my fellow passengers in the carriage, they were still immersed in looking downwards, most studying the small screen on their phone, others downward on laptops tapping away, or a kindle or book held between hands.

Sometimes we get so immersed in things and in our patterns of what we do that we simply don’t notice what is around us.  In the news this week is the move in France to limit email connectivity.

We are bombarded by electronic connectivity and this can leave us feeling overwhelmed, and the stress link is well documented.

One of the proven ways of relieving stress is through Mindfulness practice.  In October the Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group (MAPPG) produced their report, making recommendations for the use of Mindfulness in health, education, the workplace and finally the criminal justice system.

If you would like to learn more about Mindfulness.


PS on my return train journey home, I noticed a bride, supported by her new husband, carefully teetering along the water front in Ely to have photographs taken to commemorate their special day.


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