I feel unfulfilled in my job, but it’s not a good time for me to leave.

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Waking up in the morning and feeling that dread that you have to go to work is a horrible feeling.   And there are times when it might not be the right time to look for another role, often these are personal, maybe a recent illness, things going on at home, or the possibility that your partner might be made redundant, buying a new house…the list is endless. So here are some thoughts about what you might do…..

·        Start to make a list of things that if you had them in your job would make you feel more fulfilled, this might be more customer contact, taking on a new project etc.

·        Depending on your relationship with your boss you might want to sit down and talk about how you are feeling.

·        Start to look for opportunities where you might be able to better use you skills within the organisation you work, for instance is there a new project coming up, is someone off on holiday soon that you might be able to provide some cover for.

·        Look for opportunities that involve other teams in your place of work and start to volunteer for some activities to broaden your awareness and knowledge of the organisation.

·        If you work for a large company see if you can talk confidentially to your HR support person about how you are feeling and get their thoughts on what you might do.

·        Think about rekindling hobbies and interests outside of work that give you satisfaction and that you enjoy.

·        Consider talking to a career coach so that when circumstances do change you have a plan in place ready to take action.

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