I’ve left my job, what should I put as my title on LinkedIn?

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If you are on garden leave you technically don’t need to alter anything at all.  If it’s part of your exiting contract that you change this then that’s a different matter.

A lot of people change their title to read…”Currently seeking new opportunities”. “Looking for next opportunity” etc.  A statement like this is possibly the worst thing you can do.  Why? Because the title field in LinkedIn is the most searchable field.  If you put any of these in, or something similar you will potentially be losing out on being found in searches.

It’s not just recruitment agencies who will be searching for candidates.  Most internal recruitment teams will also be looking for specific roles and people in them.

Instead you might consider putting the job title or job titles you are currently applying for…Programme Analyst, Change Management for example or HR Business Partner, TUPE experienced etc.  This will give you a better chance of being found.

Alternatively you may want to list a series of skills you have, looking at some of the jobs you are or might apply for will often give you some good words that recruiters are currently searching by.

Many of my clients take a career break, this might be a few months or possibly longer.  In this case we state that the person has taken a career break and give the dates, we also craft a few lines to say what they have been doing during this time.

For example, After 10 years working for xyz company as an abc I have taken a planned career break.  My goals for this time were to:

  • Gain clarity of my next career step
  • Gain my Prince2 qualification
  • Siginficantly improve my fitness levels, by joining a running club and complete 2 half marathons.

This is logical and makes sense and gives a clear account of what you have been doing.

I hope this short article was of interest, learn more about my Take A Pause service.


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