A Stitch In Time…Saves Nine!

I’m sure you are busy? Nine times out of ten when I ask someone “how they are”, the response I hear is “busy”! Life seems to get busier and busier and work for most of us is the same. For a lot of people they are simply too busy to have any time to consider how they might future proof their career.

If you have been made redundant recently, or you are actively considering looking for a new job, the task of putting together your CV can seem huge, overwhelming and of course time consuming. And often it’s only if you are made redundant you get round to writing that CV, as you need to rather than want to. For many people their CV is way out of date and really not relevant to they have been up to for several years.

When I meet with clients for the first time, very often they have seen just the job they want to apply for but don’t have anything they can use and so it’s often a mad urgent scramble to get something put together!

If you want to start thinking about future proofing your career here are some stitches in time to save you 9:-

·        Keeping up with some job boards, this will allow you to benchmark your current skills and experience against a sometimes competitive market. Being aware of what employers are looking for is vital.  Asking yourself how you currently stack up? And giving yourself an honest answer may highlight some areas you want to try and get some experience or exposure to.

·        Keeping up with colleagues, old and new on a regular basis is vital, from a social perspective its enjoyable and also from a commercial perspective its vital, in my experience around 60+% of the clients I work with find their next role via the people they know, often before a role has even been advertised.

·        Keeping up with what you have been up to – taking a regular look back at what has been in your calendar this month and making a note of some of the key things you have achieved boosts confidence and can really help you to start to update and add to your CV on a regular basis.

I deliver mindful career management which is designed to step away from your fast paced, daily routine of work, family and other commitments and be still long enough to become aware “mindful” of how your current job or career impacts you emotionally, physically and spiritually. If you would like to experience this or have someone in your organisation who could benefit contact me to find out more.

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