Mindfulness At Work

mindfulnessWhat is it?

Mindfulness is a structured way of training the mind to become aware of what is happening externally, (the world around us) and internally, (our thoughts, moods and states).  This creates a pause between stimulus and action, and opens up possible new choices and perspectives rather than an automatic response.


  • Mindful Coaching – for people who are leading busy lives and want to reduce their stress levels.
  • Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop – a 1 or 2 hour overview of Mindfulness, the workshop is very experiential.
  • The 8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programme – the original Mindfulness course as designed by Jon Kabat Zinn.  This can be delivered within organisations.
  • The Mindful Leader – a bespoke programme that is delivered within organisations.
  • Building Resilience Using Mindfulness – a bespoke programme that is delivered within organisations.

Why use it as a development intervention?

There are many reasons why Mindfulness is so popular today.  Primarily it provides personal development at a deep level and in addition….

Mindfulness can:-

Change behaviour,  lead to culture change, be an essential leadership competency,  reduce your remedial spend, (private health care, employee assistance programmes, absence management, occupational health), build resilience levels, provide a strategic lever within an organisation to facilitate better decision making, create focus, clarity, improve mental health and finally boost productivity and creativity.

The benefits of Mindfulness Training are heavily researched:-

Report by the Mindfulness All Party Parliamentary Group

The Mental Health Foundation’s Be Mindful report

What’s The Next Step?

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