What Do I Want To Be When I Grow Up?

This is a bespoke career management programme based on your personal objectives.

Are you?

Feeling as though you’re stuck and unsure which way to turn?

Someone who has fallen into jobs or a career path rather than objectively thought about what you want to do?

Looking for a job that uses your skills and gets you jumping out of bed in the morning?

Unsure what to do next, and feeling as if you are inside of a maze.   Which way should you go – forward, backward or sideways?

    Previous Participants Have Received…

    • Detailed psychometric tools to allow you to gain a full understanding of your skills and interests
    • The confidence to respond to change, gain clarity, set objectives, and learn practical skills in how to best tackle today’s job market.
    • Knowledge of what successful career management you should be undertaking
    • Personal mindfulness teaching
    • 12 hours of confidential career coaching, involving detailed unbiased feedback
    • Establish possible jobs and future career paths that are right for you
    • A CV that sells you, and your skills
    • A LinkedIn profile that you are proud of
    • Confidence to answer almost any question an interviewer might ask you
    • How to best negotiate the right salary and benefits package

    How does it work?

    The programme lasts 3 months in total and consists of:-

    An initial complimentary chemistry meeting to identify your objectives and decide if we can work together.

    A bi-monthly coaching call or face to face meeting if location and the current situation allows.

    Career materials for you to read and complete.

    What’s The Next Step?

    Email me belinda(at)belindacoaten.co.uk to book a mutually convenient time to talk.